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The writing is pointless, but every month we have a city building game release. Many of them have a simple and well-known premise, while others try to innovate in the gaming market.

Now, titles that focus on colonizing planets have yet to enter this massive production line. We have recently had some good launches in this area, e.g Survivor Mars And excellent RimWorld.

The peculiarity of this niche is that many try to simulate what reality would be like, which makes the process a little difficult. There was a change of posture RagnoriumDeveloped and published by Vitaly Kirpu return.

For those who don’t know him, Finn was the mind behind Pixel piracyA nautical themed roguelike action game released in 2015 for PC.

From water to wine

Much has been said about developers changing their scope too much. I believe this was one of Kirpu’s biggest challenges, moving from one community to the world of city building.

In Ragnoriumyou command Hermes-1. Considered one of humanity’s greatest inventions, it is a colony station that can create life and technology in inhospitable environments, whether it’s a desert or a place occupied by other creatures.

At the beginning of the adventure, the player will be able to choose 6 planets to do his job. Each place has unique characteristics, a completely different life and scenario.

Among them is the red planet known as ERAN-02, where the player embarks on a journey to have a little more control over the game mechanics. We also have a tropical land called SAHRON-03 This is TANAS-06which is controlled by enemies.

In addition to choosing the context of the game, it is still possible to assign a specific ship for the colonization process, each with different characteristics. In them you choose items to start your adventure, such as medical supplies, food.

Patience and dedication

Ragnorium This is a game that takes a lot of time. First, because the entire development of the planetary construction is done point by point. The player commands several clones that will do all the work in the newly occupied territory.

Every detail is meticulously placed in the game. To get an idea, walls, doors, stairs and ceilings are essential when building a house. It’s like playing Fortnite, but at a snail’s pace.

And in order for everything to happen, it is necessary to assign each character manually, which makes the task more difficult.

But everything does not end here. The beginning is even more distorted when you consider that the menus are pathetic and poorly designed. Have you ever seen programmer screens with strange codes and letters? It’s right there.

They don’t help at all and make it hard to read everything that’s going on Ragnorium. Unfortunately, this greatly diminishes the experience and potential of the title.

The title fails to inform the player of everything that is going on. It is very easy to lose track of management. Everything is very unclear and inexplicable.

It sounds strange

The same can be said for the art used in the game. At certain moments I was under the impression that I would try interesting and surprising scenarios. But, at the same time, the saturated colors and the lack of polish make it all a bit rough.

Add to all this the information and menus mentioned above. Everything became too saturated and uncomfortable for entertainment.

As much as the game doesn’t have optimization problems, unfortunately things got very dirty. This game would hardly be approved by the Clean City Act here in São Paulo.

Jokes aside, the reality is that in many moments we have cartoonish graphics, with higher grain than usual and a very suspicious and uninviting color palette.

Of course, we would have an exception to the rule, and that is the soundtrack. The music used throughout the game reflects what you would expect from a game focused on planetary colonization.

It’s a shame it doesn’t do enough to improve and immerse the game. It is like covering the sun with a sieve.


Ragnorium There are more mistakes than successes. I really sympathize with the thread and wish I could make a big connection with the title, but unfortunately it didn’t.

This happened due to poor implementation decisions of everything that surrounds this genre game, from the usability of the menus to the choice of graphic style.

Everything is a conspiracy to the failure of the game, despite the fact that it has very interesting and complex ingredients as never before.

Ragnorium was provided by Devolver for this review.

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