An Xbox survey reveals the trends of Brazilian gamers during the holidays

Xbox Series X and S. Photo: Disclosure

Game Drops received official information from Microsoft. Xbox research shows Brazilian gamer trends during the holidays.

This holiday season is full of celebrations, gift-giving moments, and now you can add video games to that list. A new online global survey conducted by YouGov at the request of Xbox Brasil, with 1,256 Brazilians between the ages of 13 and 79, suggests that families are using video games to connect more during the holiday season – and this applies to different generations who are also approaching gaming . More games together.

Among respondents who said they plan to play during the holiday season, 38% Video games made it into the top 5 family activities. but 81% Consider that having a variety of games means everyone in the family can play (from the kids to the grandparents), which is even more remarkable when you consider that Xbox Game Pass is part of the process of finding new titles to play as a family. .

Additionally, a YouGov survey found that 71% Brazilians identify as video game players, data that shows that the gaming market in Brazil is constantly growing.

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Xbox Series X and S

Xbox Series X and S. Photo: Disclosure

Check out other data on games and holidays:

  • 54% of gamers say they play video games as a way to connect.
  • 74% agree that it is fun to pass on the gaming tradition to new generations.
  • 59% strongly agree that video games bring people closer than other activities.
  • 74% think that games are a means of connecting older and younger generations.
  • 75% say playing video games with family and loved ones is a good way to relax and unwind.

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