An Overwatch 2 player calculates how much it would cost to unlock every item he had in the original game ⋆

Yes, Overwatch 2 It’s been available since the beginning of this month and the numbers so far have been impressive. However, we can’t deny that the title continues to generate a lot of discussion and complaints online. So that’s it! changes made by Snowstorm A few players have made many complaints. By the way, since one of the problems is the new business model of the game, some players are releasing reports regarding the current value of items in Overwatch… Let’s take a look at the reports created by one of these players. ?

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Through the post that was published redditnickname player RevJoystick presented the results of an analysis that was done to verify how much he would have to invest in Overwatch 2 if he wanted to unlock all the items he had in Overwatch. As you can imagine, the result was surprising. In total, the player listed all the items they owned and applied the prices they were currently listing, resulting in an “invoice” that would cost around $10,000.

It is right! To unlock 254 legendary skins, 138 epic skins, 127 normal skins, 213 emotes, 221 victory poses, 133 intros, and 980 voice lines, an Overwatch 2 player needs to spend more than $10,000. Of course, these elements are not necessary for the player to have a satisfying experience, but the report is still interesting and even helps us understand why Blizzard decided to insert a “new game” into the Free-To-Play model. And that’s it! Overwatch 2 has reached many players around the world, but many remain unhappy with the change. Not surprisingly, the average rate of playing on the platform Metacritic (taking into account user ratings) remains fixed at an infamous 1.6.

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