An NPC who abuses your innocence

Veilstorm Castle is one of the first major challenges in any Tainted in Elden Ring story – and is also home to the game’s most treacherous NPC.

Abusing the innocence of mostly newbies to From Software titles is a character that is only there to take advantage of your lack of experience.

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Here we are talking about Gostots, a kind of “unofficial quarry” of the prison. By interacting with him directly at the entrance (a natural act after ringing the doorbell), the player is introduced to the NPC.

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In his dialogues, Gostok not only sounds sarcastic, he advises us to take the long way, through a gap in the prison wall, “the guards do not protect”. However, the truth is that the character wants to see tainted suffering on the road?

because? While “staying” in Veiltemplate Castle, Gostok steals some of the player’s runes, for example after being killed.

Although he looks harmless and weak, Gostock is behind some of the worst moments inside the prison. After reaching the first front room, the NPC deliberately locks the player in a tight room against a strong enemy, especially if there was no effort to level up before.

Image of a door Gostock closing behind a player in Elden Ring

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Not only that, the character still laughs without any remorse. Check out the video below to see how Gostock can be seen chasing the player down the road. While trying to relate, she expresses her surprise to see Maculado alive, why is that?

Gostok will follow the player two more times on the way to the final boss of Castle Stormveil, always stealing runes when we die, but no longer evil.

We have to think that the NPC was created not only to play as a beginner to Elden Ring, but also mainly to those who are getting into From Software games for the first time, to stir up the feelings and make everyone more. Warning during the adventure.

Even so, the fact is that such a presence causes negative feelings among players, who even try to eliminate the NPC. In fact, once this is done, no one closes the door or alerts the guards at the prison entrance, for example. However, after some updates, Gostok gained a number of side quests that are lost if the character is killed.

An image of Gostok at the end of Stormvale Castle after the player destroyed King Godric in The Ancient Ring

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Gostoc is certainly one of the most well-developed tricks to introduce new players to the Elden Ring. In addition to the difficult battles, the fact that you advance in the Midlands also challenges the experience of each NPC and makes everything more intense and dangerous.

Elden Ring is available for PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One and PC. For more on the game, check out one of the game’s most tragic stories.


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