An Iron Man game is in development by EA, according to rumors

In addition to the Black Panther game, Electronic Arts is developing a new Iron Man game, as journalists Tom Henderson and Jeff Grubb hinted at in a recent leak.

The information was originally posted on the Game Mess Mornings podcast, where Grubb stated:[A EA está] Making the Black Panther game we talked about… and [está] Making another Marvel game that’s single-player.”

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The thread was originally brought up by Grubb, who made a disparaging comment that almost went unnoticed, but was quickly cut down and posted on Twitter by a user. Grubb also says EA is working on a single-player Apex Legends game and Mass Effect.

The information was later confirmed by Tom Henderson, who was more circumspect, saying, “I’ve heard rumors that it’s Iron Man, but I’ve never had anything concrete to fully report. Seriously put this in the ‘rumor’ category for now, and if I hear/see more concrete information, I’ll report it properly.”

This will be the second Marvel game to be developed by EA, the first being Black Panther, which was leaked by Grubb himself a few days ago.

The journalist even revealed some details about the game’s plot, stating that the title will feature the dead Black Panther and an adventure challenge for the player to become the new hero.

Electronic Arts has not commented on the case, but we can see that the company is still looking at single-player games, working on games like Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Dragon Age: Dreadwolf and the Dead Space remake.

The news comes a few days after a company spokesperson said that single-player games remain “very, very important” to the company – even though they only make up 30% of the company’s portfolio today.

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Is it worth remembering that Electronic Arts released the game Anthem in 2019, in which players controlled characters wearing robotic armor in the style of the best Iron Man? It is better not to be.

EA didn’t participate in Summer Game Fest, and it won’t be at the next big event in the gaming world, Gamescom. Thus, we have no prediction when the company will officially reveal these games.

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