An improved version of the classic Blade Runner game will be released on Steam tomorrow (23)

Nightdive did its best to bring the experience as close as possible to the original release

Two years after its official disclosure Night studiosImproved version Blade Runner adventure has a Steam arrival date. An improved version of the game will be available right now Next Thursday (23) And it promises to retain all the elements that made the game a classic action – while also providing the ability to play seamlessly on modern hardware.

According to the developer, The project is dedicated to the faithful recreation of works originally performed by Westwood Studios. This included the reconstruction and decompression of videos shot in VQA format, the frame rate of which was increased from 15 to 60’s.

Nightdive has also assured that Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition will work on modern high-resolution displays and bring a smarter track system. Developer as well Improved support for different types of subtitles, different types of game panels, and introduced an anisotropic filtration system And antialiasing by SMAA.

The game brings more than 70 characters and huge doses of secrets

Inspired by a series of films, Blade Runner was considered one of the most ambitious games of its time.. The adventure takes place in real time and shows an alternative version of 2019 in which humans coexist with replicants – androids that perfectly simulate the behavior of living things.

One of the main novelties of the title is that Each time a person plays, the game randomly changes who is or is not a replicator. The title has more than 70 characters, all of them based on the movement of real actors, whatever Have their own goals, sequence of actions and personalities..

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Nightdive promises this The new version will retain the fidelity of the original, Simply adapting its elements to more modern hardware. The game has experienced a number of problems during its development, Requires reconstruction of many elements Due to the lack of access to the codes of the original version of Blade Runner – which can be purchased on GOG for those nostalgic people who want to check it out.


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Source: PC Gamer


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