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after success before dawnSupermassive Games has announced a very interesting “spiritual sequel”: An Anthology of Dark ImagesA series of games in the vein of the 2015 hit – and while they were all fun, there was something missing – and what appears to be the fourth title in the franchise, the devil in meThis feeling is over.

O It exploded!aspect of games legion, Had a chance to check out a game preview posted Bandai Namco. Check out first impressions of the new anthology title below.

Data sheet:

title: Anthology of Dark Images: The Devil in Me
Created by: Supermassive games
distributor: Bandai Namco Entertainment
genre: Interactive horror drama
Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X|S
launch: November 17, 2022
Game mode: Single and multiplayer
Translation To Portugal: Yes

Dark Image Anthology: The Devil Within Poster

The story is based on a true story

then Man of Medan (2019), little hope (2020) and House of Ashes (2021) franchise Dark pictures It seemed content with fun and interesting titles that had to be played multiple times, alone or with friends, but forgotten after a while. With a famous cast and beautiful visuals, it seemed like something was missing to make the anthology really stand out. Outstanding.

Each game brings a different story and one or the other character that you might be interested in, but so far none of them have managed to win players over likeand until dawn, or the last one The Quarry did. with Real historical elements mixed supernatural horror TThat devil in me It shows that aside from the genre, it has moved away from what has been done up until that point.

In the preview provided by the game director, Tom Heaton, Discover the history of the game and new features gameplay of the title, which is described as “Anthology Season 1 Finale”.

the devil in me You can play alone or online with friends

In the game we accompany the group Documentary filmmakers who are encouraged to visit a copy HH. “Murder Hotel” by Holmes.Popularly known as the first serial killer from the United States. The character is quite famous in American culture, even appeared in the fifth season American Horror Storyplayed by Evan Peters and published a book about his crimes DarkSide Books authorized HH Holmes: Evil – White City psychopathWritten by Harold Schechter.

But when the group arrives at the hotel to film a new episode of their TV series, they discover they’re not alone in the place. there is someone Manipulation, watching and killing. Whenever HH Holmes He was arrested, he said possessed by the devil Before the execution, which begs the question: Is there anything supernatural about it all? and if yes Is anyone possessed?

Jesse Buckley (I think about ending it all, lost daughter) plays Kate Wilder in the game.

What’s new in gameplay

One of the things that excited me the most while previewing and playing the title was Game news. Who loves and plays Interactive dramas Be aware that this type of game is usually quite limited In this regard, for the camera, the movement of the characters and mainly the way they interact with the environment.

on review the devil in me It shows that this game will be very fluid in this aspect. Except A private inventory For each character, the title bets big on a few puzzle A different and gigantic place for you to study. But what really excited me was now Characters will be able to run, jump and also climb up in different fields.

As for the inventory, each character starts with something different depending on them team role Including the possibility that one of them Write everything down what’s up with the camera To store “evidence” of crimes. But in case of death of a character, others can carry his equipment.

Still about death, the preview presents a very tense scene in which The player must choose who will survive Between two characters: they are in two different rooms and you are the one who runs out of oxygen and dies. At another point we also see characters walking down dark and scary corridors Hotel, Which at different times looks more like a giant abandoned hospital.

The scenarios are quite sinister and gloomy

In the end, after several improvements related gameplay, in camera and character functionality House of AshesAnthology Dark pictures returns with a game that promises to be much more fluid than the previous one, with an interesting story and a scary environment.

Anthology of Dark Images: The Devil in Me It will be released on November 17, 2022.

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