An Amsterdam hotel is considering suing Activision over COD: Modern Warfare 2

The administrators of the hotel conservatory did not like the location being reproduced by the game without any permission

Known for its realistic representation of real-world points The Call of Duty series may be responsible for launching a new lawsuit against Activision. Amsterdam hoteliers playing Modern Warfare 2 weren’t happy with how the game was presented, especially considering that the developer It seems that he did not get permission to use it.

We note the fact that the Hotel Conservatory is not a welcome setting for the new Call of Duty.“, Volksrant manager Roy Thomassen told the site about it. “In general, we do not support games that encourage the use of violence. The game does not reflect our core values ​​and we regret our apparent and unwanted involvement.“.

up to the moment The hotel management did not take any action on the matter, but there are strong indications that the situation could lead to a lawsuit. the place thatAppears in both single player campaign and multiplayer From Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, in which it transforms into a closed map.

The fictitious name does not remove the resemblance to the hotel

inside the game The location is identified as Brinberg, but nothing hides the fact that it is inspired by the conservatory. The building that currently houses the hotel was built in the 1800s as a bank and has been remodeled over the years to reveal a glass and steel design worthy of a five-star venue.

The precedent for starting the process is created by the fact that both in the United States and in Europe, Design of architectural projects is protected by copyright. Since the real hotel has no connection to the military world, its administration should have little reason to associate it with shootings and murders, even if they happen in the virtual world.

In the past, Activision was sued by AM General, the company responsible for the production of military vehicles whose designs were reproduced in Call of Duty – however, The legal action was dismissed in the United States courts. It was already released by Sony in 2006 A public apology for reproducing Manchester Cathedral in Contradiction: The Fall of ManBut the situation has not resulted in any known legal action.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will temporarily disable your ping system

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will temporarily disable your ping system
The feature can be used to detect enemies through walls


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