AMD FSR 2.1 can now be used in games compatible with version 2.0

Players can use the DLL file of the new version to test the benefits it offers

Officially announced last Thursday (8), version 2.1 of AMD FSR technology is currently only officially available Farming Simulator 22. However, players are keen to check out the improvements it already brings Any game compatible with version 2.0 or DLSS 2.0 can do this.

For that all you need is Download the latest version of the DLL files and replace the one related to the previous one. A Twitter user @CapFrameX hosts the necessary files in a Google Drive folder and ensures that Improvements can be seen in several games Recent, like Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered and Red Dead Redemption 2.

The solution is similar to what many NVIDIA hardware owners already use to update DLSS versions in games that support the high-end technology. It should be noted that It’s a good idea to keep a backup copy of files from a previous version of FSRBecause some games may have incompatibility issues with the latest release.

FSR 2.1 can replace DLSS 2.0

The release of AMD FSR 2.1 was also accompanied by availability Mods that allow you to use technology to replace NVIDIA’s DLSS 2.0. You can find it on the NexusMods website A few solutions For games like Metro Exodus, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and control which allows the exchange to take place with some ease.

In this case, The quality of the results varies from game to game, but overall the performance benefits outweigh any visual artifacts. Modder PotatoOfDoom, who created the foundations used in other mods, has already updated his Cyberpunk 2077 mod to run on the latest version of the high-end technology.

AMD’s promise is that FSR 2.1 works with a larger amount of information in image reconstruction, which gives a sharper result. The company also promises an update Reduces image flicker and eliminates “ghosting” which can appear with fast movements in games.

Marvel's Spider-Man on PC Gets New Sharpness Fixes for NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FSR 2.0

Marvel’s Spider-Man on PC Gets New Sharpness Fixes for NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FSR 2.0
The new game patch also promises performance improvements and several bug fixes.


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