AMD Announces Steam Gaming for Chromebooks with Ryzen 5000 C-Series CPUs

The company promises that the hardware will deliver good performance for Triple A quality titles

Typically marketed as productivity tools, Chromebooks are gaining ground More and more powerful hardware that allows them to become good platforms for games🇧🇷 Knowing this, AMD announced this Tuesday (8) a new Steam Gaming certification for models with Ryzen line processors.

According to the company, the seal will be applied to systems that have AMD Ryzen 7 5825C and AMD Ryzen 5 5625C CPU and at least 8 GB RAM🇧🇷 This qualifies them to run a few select games from the Valve store that are currently being tested for Google systems.

AMD claims it 50 titles are already certifiedIn a list that includes names like Portal 2🇧🇷 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt🇧🇷 Half life 2🇧🇷 Sid Meier’s Civilization v and left 4 dead 2🇧🇷 According to the manufacturer, Acer Chromebook Spin 514 is one of the best options that showcases the power of the Ryzen 5000 C-series line in the gaming world.

Steam is available on the Chromebook Dev Channel

Take advantage of Steam features on Chromebooks, AMD explains It is necessary to switch to the Dev Channel of the operating system of the machines🇧🇷 While it gives access to experimental features, the overall experience can be a little less stable – so It is not recommended to do this on devices used as a basis for work or study🇧🇷

Check out the instructions on how to install the Valve store on your system:

  • On your supported Chromebook, switch to the Dev Channel. The Dev Channel is for features that are still in the works, such as the beta version of Steam on Chromebook.
  • After updating, go to chrome://flags. Set #borealis-enabled and #exo-pointer-lock to on.
  • After reboot open crosh terminal ctrl+alt+t.
  • Type “insert_coin” and press Enter.
  • Follow the setup process to install Steam.
  • Sign in with your Steam account and start playing!

According to AMD, Ryzen 5000 C-series processors are capable of rendering above 60 FPS In many compatible games. However, he notes that given the experimental nature of Steam on Chromebooks, there may still be some compatibility issues that will be addressed in future updates.

Google announces the first Chromebooks focused on cloud gaming

Google announces the first Chromebooks focused on cloud gaming
Models made by Lenovo, Acer and ASUS support GeForce NOW, Xbox Cloud Gaming and Amazon Luna.


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Source: Press Office/AMD


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