AMD announces Ryzen 7000 Zen4 processors that reach 5.5 GHz in games.

The launch is scheduled for the last quarter of this year and the Ryzen line will bring a new AM5 socket

THE Oh my god Said today (23) at his presentation Computex Processor line Ryzen 7000Processors based on new architecture Zen 4 Which will be released later this year in the North American fall (September to November). The presentation was held Lisa SuPresident of the company, And introduced many new features to the new line, including the ability to speed up 5.5 GHz.

Lisa Su Confirmed what we already knew, new processors will use a socket AM5 Instead of acting AM4, Which has been on the market for about 5 years. The whole line Raizen So far used AM4, Therefore, anyone who wants to use the line Ryzen 7000 You will need to purchase a new motherboard with the AM5 standard. Home board manufacturers have already started announcing new models Computex.

Below you can find the full presentation Oh my god At Computex 2022.

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You Ryzen 7000 Will be produced by a 5 Nm process, which will be the first processors Pracha To use this lithography. New platform AM5 AMD will be the company’s first memory support for consumers DDR5 And PCIe 5.0.

Demonstrate the processing power of the new platform Ryzen 7000Gameplay Ghostwire: TokyoWhere the game was running on the CPU 5.5 GHzMore specifically 5520.3 MHz Even in comparison Core i9-12900KS Operates in 5.5 GHz turbo mode from Intel.

Generation Zen 4 Will offer 15% better performance compared Zen 3 Single storey and also support up 170 W Power with the advent of new motherboards. The new processors will be compatible with in-line motherboards B650, X670 and X670E.

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The processor will have two modules Cpu zen 4 in 5 nm And a new day 6nm I / O. It will have integrated graphics RDNA 2 And also controllers DDR5 And PCIe 5.0.

Did you like the line Ryzen 7000 Gives Oh my god? What do you expect from the new models? Share your opinion in the comments!

AMD is partnering with Google to use the Google Cloud infrastructure to build chips

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