Amazon will not buy gaming company EA. But should you?

A deal taken for granted between Amazon and EA did not materialize

This week brought a very quick and very strange news cycle in which GLHF, a Swedish media group, published an article in USA Today stating that Amazon was going to buy the gaming company EA, literally later that day. But when markets were about to open, CNBC quoted its own sources as saying a deal was not happening, essentially laughing off the rumours.

Purchase report… failed. Amazon did not buy EA on Friday, and USA Today was forced to retract and redact the original article.

But this story has true aspects. EA is looking for potential buyers and Amazon is looking to buy, just like Meta, Apple, Disney and of course Sony and Microsoft are always looking for new publishers in this era of massive acquisitions and game industry consolidation.

Unlike Meta, Apple and Disney, Amazon has shown a clear interest in gaming in recent years by acquiring Twitch and working on its own first-party studios. The problem is that they yielded few important results.

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Amazon’s acquisition of EA would give them access to a number of popular IPs from day one, making them a player in the space, acquiring the largest independent publisher left since Activision Blizzard was bought by Microsoft for $70 billion, which remains. Regulatory approval process. I doubt that Microsoft would be able to buy EA either, because that would trigger much more serious antitrust alarms. Meanwhile, Sony probably won’t be willing to buy a company worth a third of its $100 billion market value.

EA is trying to shake off its “worst company in the world” title from years ago, when it was among the most hated brands not just in gaming, but anywhere, for a while. EA still has a near monopoly on the gaming market. And yet again, it’s hard to compare a potential buyer to EA other than Amazon. Meta, Apple, and Disney seem very casual and disconnected from gaming.

Microsoft is busy with Activision and Sony is not big enough. So I guess there’s a reason why Amazon and EA are still mentioned in the same sentence.

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