Amazon: “When you buy a gaming company, half the time it doesn’t work”

Christoph Hartmann – head Amazon Games – Expressed his opinion on the purchases of the gaming world and that there will be more in the future. However, he also said Prefer organic growth And that, from their point of view, in half the time Video game company acquisitions do not lead to good results.

Speaking to GameSpot, Hartman said: “In the long run, we’re all going to be dead. All companies, until the state intervenes, will be Monopoly for some reason. I’m not saying that [nós da Amazon] They point to it. that. I mean, there’s less and less competition. I’ve been doing this for 25 years and I’ve seen a number of video game companies since… Now Activision is for sale. who is left Take-Two and EA. Take-Two, I don’t know, I think GTA Everyone breaks up because This is an invitation to create problems… and EA, it has all the rumors that surround … “.

Speaking of Electronic Arts, there was a recent rumor that Amazon might make an offer to buy Electronic Arts. The rumors were denied, but Hartman was actually involved in an EA-related operation.

Amazon Games recently opened a new office in Montreal, headed by Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six veterans. As Hartman reports, this veteran team was about to sign a contract with Electronic Arts before Hartman knew about it and convinced them to switch to Amazon. “EA was going to hire them. They called EA and said, ‘I’m going with Christoph because he likes games,'” Hartman said.

As for other future Amazon Games projects, Hartman said he always Prefer organic team growth and Creating new IPs that he fully owns. It takes more time – and Hartman NDoes not close the door to possible acquisitions In the future – but organic growth is more attractive from your perspective. Purchases, Hartman noted, have a bad experience.

“In my experience, when you buy a gaming company, half the time it doesn’t work. Sounds like a lot of work. You can start from scratch,” he said.

The head of Amazon Games also revealed why the Lord of the Rings MMO was canceled. Sony also gave an interview saying that it preferred “organic growth”, but eventually changed its strategy and bought several studios. Also, Naughty Dogs was acquired by Sony that day. Microsoft bought Monjag, also from Minecraft, and it has been working so far.


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