All PS2 game guides are available online in 4K

Collector invests over BRL 200,000 in PlayStation 2 game collection

A collector and keeper known as Kirkland has digitized the PlayStation 2 game manuals and converted them to 4K quality.. Although not common these days, older titles came with some kind of manual that presented information about the game, such as controller commands and settings.

The work was done to celebrate the 22nd anniversary of the PlayStation 2. He has worked on over 1,795 titles, plus 100 variants, art books, mini-guides and comics.. The entire work is collected through this link, where over 17 GB of digitization can be inspected and accessed for free.

The collector said he invested about $40,000 to buy every game released in the United States over a 22-year period.

“The goal is to raise awareness of the game’s preservation efforts. Many of the games we grew up with shaped our view and experience of the world. Of course, as we “grow up” we move on to other things, but many of us have this nostalgia and want our children to They could enjoy what we did. The ‘read the books your father read’ business,” he told Kotaku.

Kirland had a huge job to do. That’s because he revealed that he needed to remove each manual and run them through the Epson DS-870 scanner. Last year alone, nearly 75,000 pages were scanned, showing that it took a lot of patience to assemble these textbooks in 4K quality.

Unfortunately, not all jobs are completed by just scanning through the Epson DS-870 scanner. That’s because it still had to go through other programs like Adobe Acrobat Pro, Photoshop, Textpad, and PDF Combiner Pro. This is all to make it as sharp as possible to add it to 4K on

The collector invested more than BRL 200,000 in the collection

In addition to all the time invested to be able to digitize the manuals and make them available to the public, Kirkland also had the financial investment to acquire the entire collection of games for the PlayStation 2. The Kotaku collector said he invested about US$. 40K to buy all game releases in the US over 22 years.

Not all the work that has been done to digitize PlayStation 2 games is brand new to the collector. That’s because it already released a full set of US SNES manuals in 2K. He said it only took seven months to get to E with three flatbed scanners. Now working on a SNES release in 4K in addition to the Atari 2600 and Game Boy.

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