All physical games, consoles and accessories in one space, this is the idea behind the Embracer Group collection

Swedish Holding Embracer GroupWith constant acquisition of world-renowned studios and is responsible for managing major game development players such as Crystal Dynamics (Tomb Raider), Has announced a colossal project aimed at preserving the legacy of games and producers. This project is a huge collection aimed at cataloging all the physical games, consoles and accessories that have come out over the decades that have shaped the gaming market.

Baptized Embracer Games Archive, The collection, as the project website explains, is not just a collection of games. Since games are not just games, they are a culture created by great people with creative ideas. “By creating a large archive of physical games, we want to preserve and respect gaming culture for a long time to come.”– says Embracer.

This collection is located in Karlstad, Sweden and already has many people involved, from CEO David Bostrom to archivist, assistant, technical engineer and procurement manager.

David Bostrom, CEO of Embracer Games Archive

Embracer already owns over 50,000 items, including games, consoles and accessories.

The next phase of the project is to create a database and launch a catalog of all games and strengthen relationships with museums and institutions in the future to extend this project and assist journalists and researchers.

Embracer Group is also investing in YouTube content that uses the huge historical content in the collection. This is a chance to recall or learn about some of the cult games that have left an eternal legacy, saving at a time when packaging had enormous weight in purchasing and creating the effect of desire in consumers.

On the official website of the project, the Swedish company also states that it is ready to purchase large, complete and exclusive collections of lost formats (both hardware and software). “If you have a collection you would like to sell, please contact our Retro Games consultant Thomas Sunhead at and enter photos, listing objects and your review”Explains Embracer.

It’s worth following the collection’s Instagram and keeping track of the many titles and excellent consoles coming up. A nostalgic journey that you should not miss.

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