All new Ninth Generation Pokémon have been introduced to the game

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with Pokemon Scarlet and VioletThe most profitable franchise Nintendo enters its new generation. A new adventure takes place in the region PaldeaInspired by the Iberian region that includes Spain and Portugal. And as it should be, this new territory also includes its own pokedex.

Dozens of new Pokemon are slated to be introduced to the games, from brand new creatures, to new evolutions, and even surprising forms of old familiars. So you don’t get lost in this sea, we have prepared a list with everything Unreleased Pokemon Confirmed so far.


  • Type: plant
  • Skill: growing too much

SprigatiteO Grass Cat Pokemonis a plant type suggested by the beginner Professor Touro And for that The teacher is plain To the initial trainers of the Paldea region. Despite being obedient, they are very jealous creatures that can become angry if the trainer decides to pay attention to another Pokemon.

It has feline habits that take on a new context thanks to its grassy anatomy. Their fur is similar in composition to plants, and they often feed on each other to aid in photosynthesis. And when it brushes with its front paws, it emits a calming scent that suppresses the will of opponents to fight.


  • Type: fire
  • Skill: Blaze

fuecocoO Fire Crocodile Pokemonis Fire-Type suggested by the beginner Professor Touro And for that The teacher is plain To the initial trainers of the Paldea region. They are known for their lighthearted, stress-free way of doing things, except when it comes to food.

The scales on his stomach and back work like solar panels, absorbing the energy around him and converting it into thermal energy that fuels his flames. When it is very excited, fire can escape from the knot on top of itself.


  • Type: water
  • Skill: torrent

squareO Duckling Pokemonis suggested by the water-type beginner Professor Touro And for that The teacher is plain To the initial trainers of the Paldea region. He has a very upright personality, follows in his master’s footsteps, avoids all kinds of dirt as much as possible.

Your body is always shiny because it secretes a gel that repels water and dirt—the same gel you use to keep your pompadour always in style. When he needs to fight, he assures himself with strong and fast strokes, which he also uses to swim without difficulty, even in areas with strong currents.


  • Type: normal
  • Skill: The scent of the curtain or squeamishness

LechonkiO Wild Boar Pokemon, inhabiting the initial routes of the Paldea region. Thanks to its sharp sense of smell, it feeds only on the most fragrant herbs and nutrient-rich fruits. As a result of your diet and your wanderings, most of your body is made up of muscle, even if it looks like fat. He ends up being so focused on food that he surprises every little thing and counterattacks unconsciously.


  • Type: plant and normal
  • Skill: early bird

SmallO Pokemon Olive, uses the fruit itself to store photosynthesis nutrients as oil to reabsorb when needed. This oil is not useful for consumption, so much so that Smoliv shoots his opponents when he feels threatened.


  • Type: electric
  • Skill: static or Natural medicine

PavmO Mouse Pokemon, uses its body fur to store energy, in addition to protecting it from the cold. When uncomfortable, this wary Pokemon begins rubbing its cheeks, which generate energy as its front paws prepare to release an electric shock.


  • Type: color
  • Skill: own time

FidofO Puppy Pokemon, with its breath full of yeast, it manages to ferment the food around it. For this reason, it has been highly protected since ancient times by people who use its skill in cooking. When excited, he can inflate his body to appear larger and intimidate enemies.


  • Type: poison and normal
  • Skill: unloads or poisonous touch

graphaiO Toxic Monkey Pokemon, is constantly in territorial disputes with other Pokemon. His specialty is toxic saliva that can change color depending on what he eats. It uses this ink as ink to mark territory and ward off predators. When it senses danger, its toxin is so concentrated that it can paralyze enemies for three days.


  • Type: a stone
  • Skill: Anger Shell or shell armor

KlaufO Ambush Pokemon, is one of Paldea’s Titan Pokemon. He uses the power of his claws to cling to the slopes waiting for his prey, watching everything with his quick eyes. When it’s time to attack, it only releases one claw to immobilize the enemy. In some cities, Klawf is a preferred culinary ingredient.


  • Type: ice
  • Skill: thick fat or Slush Rush

cetitanO Earth Whale Pokemon, has hardened muscles that allow it to support its enormous body. Protected by a thick layer of fat, it migrates over the snowy terrain of Paldea. It has five horns and uses the largest one to steal heat from the environment, making everything colder.


  • Type: electric
  • Skill: Electromorphosis or static

BellyboltO Pokemon EletriToad, generates electricity in an organ that looks like a belly button. This energy is released by tumors in your head, which are usually mistaken for your eyes. Her real eyes are very small and cute. He has an ability that causes any incoming attack to amplify his electric shocks – Electromorphosis.


  • Type: normal and mental
  • Skill: Cud Chew or armored tail

behind the scenes Pokemon’s neck, is an evolved form of Girafarigi, found in Paldea. The head of the tail develops and fuses with the body, adding mental power to its two brains. Thus, your psychic attacks are more powerful, both offensively and defensively. He’s always on the alert, and despite easily spotting danger, his two brains can’t always agree on how to react in time.

Paldea Whopper

  • Type: poison and Terrestrial
  • Skill: poison point or water absorption

Whooper from paldea, Poison Fish Pokemonis a regional variant of Type poison and Terrestrial that lives in the swamps of Paldea. These creatures have lived underwater for millennia, but the constant struggle for territory has forced them to adapt to swampy terrain. To keep the skin moist, it is constantly covered with a poisonous film.


  • Type: water
  • Skill: Gooey or He kissed her

wiggletO Garden Eel Pokemon, is not directly related to Diggle, despite his similar name and suggestive appearance. A part of its body comes out of the sand to be deposited in the ocean, but no scientist has been able to confirm its true size buried underground. It has an incredible sense of smell, and when it smells a Pokemon, it runs away.


  • exclusive pokemon scarlet
  • Type: fire and mental
  • Skill: Flash fire

ArmaugeO Fire Warrior Pokemon, uses his tough armor to bolster his defenses and firepower to destroy his opponents. His psychic power comes from the armor he inherited from a distinguished warrior, and he also uses it to control his fire.


  • exclusive Pokemon Purple
  • Type: fire and a ghost
  • Skill: Flash fire

SerulageO Pokemon Blades of Fire, prefers nimble shots to take advantage of enemy blind spots. He wears armor bathed in hatred and wields blades made of fire and phantom energy. The slashes of these swords leave gashes where life energy seeps out.


  • Type: Dragon and normal
  • Skill: shed skin

cycleO Pokemon clip, lives in harmonious relationship with people. While offering transportation to anyone in need, this Pokémon uses human warmth to keep warm. It can reach a speed of 112 km/h in a motorcycle-like form.


  • exclusive pokemon scarlet

Coraydon is an important Legendary Pokémon in the Paldea region that appears on the cover pokemon scarlet. Little is known about this species, which has some mysterious connections with the past. He can take on a riding form that looks like a motorcycle, even if he walks on his own two feet.


  • exclusive Pokemon Purple

Mirdon is an important Legendary Pokémon in the Paldea region that appears on the cover Pokemon Purple. Little is known about this species, which has a certain mysterious relationship with the future. It can assume a mounting form similar to a cyber motorcycle, which adapts to different environments.

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