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The world’s largest gaming exhibition gamescom Started this Tuesday (23) together Opening Night LiveThe opening ceremony was held in Cologne, Germany. Over the course of two hours, more than 30 games were announced or received news, with emphasis Dead Island 2, The last courtsgame Dune and more.

See everything from the Gamescom 2022 opening event below!


Who opened the event was an announcement Where?A clumsy new project from the studio he runs Leslie Benzis – a developer who was one of the main figures rock starwhich led such important projects as GTA III, Red Dead Redemption, Max Payne 3 and more. The teaser doesn’t explain exactly what to expect from the unreleased game, but it’s slated for a 2023 launch.

Dune: The Awakening

after the movie Denis Villeneuve and strategic game, Dune Win an open world MMO RPG game. Dune: The Awakening released its first teaser at the event, but no further details yet.

DualSense Edge Controller for PlayStation 5

THE Game station He appeared briefly at the event to introduce himself DualSense Edgefor the new control PlayStation 5 that contradicts Xbox Elite Controller, from Microsoft, will bring Sony a control option full of customization options for high-end gamers. Price and release date unknown.

New gameplay of The Callisto Protocol

An unprecedented game from the creators dead space A new gameplay video was shown at the event, detailing some of the more bizarre creatures players will encounter when Callisto protocol released December 2.

Lords of the Fallen

One of the first games inspired by dark souls Will win the sequel! Within the framework of the event, the first teaser Lords of the Fallen – hitherto known as Lords of the Fallen II.

Speech 2

essentially a Overcooked change, Speech 2 It was announced with a fun trailer that showcases the various challenges that players will face in cooperation.

New Hogwarts Legacy trailer

The long awaited game in the world Harry Potter Another trailer has been released showing the various dangers that students of sorcery can face *The Hogwarts Legacy.

New Tales from the Borderlands

Originally released in 2015, Tales from the borderlands will receive a continuation. A new game has been created Gearbox softwareStudio creator border landsBut there will be input from the original game writers and designers Fairytale games.

Sonic Frontiers release date

The most beloved blue hedgehog is back with a game that combines classic levels with open world exploration. launch Sonic Frontiers happens November 8.

under the waves

THE Quantic DreamStudio pouring rain, Beyond the soul and Detroit: Become Humanannounced his next project: an underwater city exploration game called under the waves.

Goat Simulator 3

crazy Goat Simulator 3 It released its first gameplay video during the event, and it shows a group of goats – yes, it’s playable in co-op – terrorizing the city in the most absurd way possible.

Back to Monkey Island

One of the absolute classics Point and click He returns with it Back to Monkey Island. The pirate game showed off its new look in a new trailer and got a release date September 19.

Moon Breaker

developers Unknown Worlds Entertainmentsame studio submarineannounced that their next project will be titled Moon Breaker. The sci-fi game simulates turn-based miniatures combat and takes place in a world created by Brandon SandersonAuthor of a series of books mistborn and more.

friends vs. friends

friends vs. friends is a colorful shooting game with card mechanics that released its first trailer during the event.

Lie P

soul-like with a star Pinocchio? We have! Lie P is an action RPG in which a wooden boy explores a dark world filled with macabre creations.

Fallen Atlas

Fallen Atlas It was announced at the event with a stunning teaser showing warriors battling alien creatures on a strange desert planet.

Domestic world 3

Domestic world 3 Won a new gameplay video showing a real-time strategy match in space.

higher than life

Justin RoilandCo-creator and voice of the characters Rick and Mortymakes the so-called shooting the high of lifeAnd a never-before-seen gameplay video shows off a boss fight with bullets and profanity flying in all directions.

The Expanse: The Telltale Series

expansionfrom the series Syfy/Amazon Prime Video Will be adapted into a game, developed deck nine (Life is Strange: Before the Storm) and for that Telling a fairy tale. The game won a gameplay video that shows excerpts from this sci-fi world.

Killer Clowns from Space: The Game

Perhaps the most unusual announcement of the event, a classic trash movie Killer clowns from outer space (1988) wins a multiplayer game. The game will allow you to control the clowns, or the survivors who try to fight them.

Scars above

Special games were strong on Opening Night Live and Scars above There was one that shone with a teaser showing a woman standing against aliens on an unknown planet.


mysterious Wyrdsong is an unprecedented game from the studio made by the developers throw down, Skyrim and Dragon Age. The project was announced at the event with a teaser featuring a fantasy, dark version of medieval Portugal filled with evil forces.

Knights of Gotham

located in the universe Batman, Arkham Knights Shows a group of heroes trying to stop crime after the death of Batman and Commissioner Gordon. The trailer shows Batgirl leading the fight against villains such as Harlequin This is face of clay.

Where the winds meet

visually impressive Where the winds meet It looks like a version Ghost of Tsushima Chinese, more mystical and elegant. Additional details have not yet been released.

Kojima’s podcast

Opening Night Live had several non-game commercials. The first of these was quick participation Hideo KojimaThe legendary developer has announced that they will have a podcast Spotify in which it will host great artists from various fields. The chat can be listened to in Japanese or English.

Pokemon car

The second weird ad of the night came from MINI, BMW’s arm, which announced an EV theme. Pokemon. A special version of the Aceman model, the car is full of touchscreens (complete with Pikachu here) and even has a built-in project.

The last courts

A terrifying franchise hold on Wins a multiplayer game. More details about The last courts was revealed during the event, including gameplay snippets full of stomach churning moments.

Dead Island 2

What closed the event was the announcement of the game, which was originally announced there in 2014. Dead Island 2 Risen from the Dead introduced its open world zombie-infested city of Los Angeles and received a release date February 3, 2023.

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