Alex Kipman leaves Microsoft after allegations of misconduct spread; Understanding the case

Alex Kipman, a Brazilian at the company, was responsible for the Kinect and HoloLens projects

Brazilian Alex Kipman Is no longer part of the headquarters MicrosoftThe information was not made public by the company, however Gick wire Had access to an internal email sent to employees on Tuesday (07) MicrosoftThe person responsible for the release of the Brazilian was the head of the cloud and artificial intelligence department of the company, Scott Guthrie. The decision came after allegations of misconduct, including sexual harassment and verbal abuse, were published in late May.

At Microsoft, Kipman Was responsible for projects Kinect This is HololensAnd is currently tasked with developing the company Metaverse, Scott Guthrie The letter states that the decision to leave the Brazilian was well thought out and that the company changes “It will further equalize and accelerate the whole effort of Metavers [da Microsoft] As a company in the next fiscal year “.

The executive stated in the letter: “Over the last few months, Alex Kipman and I have talked about the way the team is progressing. We have mutually decided that this is a good time for him to leave the company to pursue other opportunities.”

He also thanked the Brazilian for his contribution to the company: “I appreciate the tremendous amount of information that Alex has provided to Microsoft over the years and all that it has done to advance our Metaverse offerings. . him.”

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Understanding the case

Alex Kipman And two other executives Microsoft Publicly accused of misconduct in the workplace, we explain here Adrenaline The whole situation was related to the complaints and we also brought the answer MicrosoftWho informed that all the complaints submitted by the company have been examined in order to make the best decision in each case.

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What were you thinking about the output Alex Kipman Gives Microsoft? Do you believe the allegations were related to its termination? Share your opinion in the comments!

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