Agent 47 was considered the “Coca-Cola” of the games.

Recently, journalist Kirk McKend said The History of the Stealth Game is a book dedicated to the Stealth genre and contains interesting details about the origins of the Hitman saga. According to IO Interactive co-founder Janos Flosser, Agent 47 was created to be the “Coca-Cola of Games” and its appearance was inspired by a drink bottle.

In the interview, Flosser noted that he created a secret agent to withstand the effects of time. As in the case of Coca-Cola, the idea was to develop the matador’s identity and differentiate it from other competitors in this category. Thus, his design philosophy was based on a structure that has the potential to be remembered by fans.

If you walk down the beach, you find a piece of old cola-cola bottle and it’s just a piece with a red “C”, you know it’s not Pepsi, you know it’s not Dr Pepper. It really is Coca-Cola. Even if it is a broken bottle, you recognize it because they did it to recognize it from any angle, in any context.

In addition to the concept, the bottle structure also encouraged Agent 47 to be bald and wear a black suit, red tie and white shirt. Another detail, perhaps the most eye-catching for Hitman fans, is the barcode on the back of the hero’s head, which was labeled as a kind of label and, later, its meaning was deepened.

“The team took inspiration more literally from a Cola-Cola bottle and printed a barcode on the character’s head. “It was later added to their unique weapons, such as Fiber Wire and Silverballer dual pistols,” McKeand wrote.

The History of the Stealth Game is available in pre-ordered digital stores. There is no publication date in Brazil.

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