Age of Mythology Retold promises to revive the Microsoft classic

The strategy game will receive updated graphics and new gameplay mechanics

They celebrate during the broadcast Age of Empires 25 Years Series This Tuesday (25), Microsoft announced that it will be reviving another game related to the franchise. No release date or platforms confirmed yet, Age of Mythology Retold promises to be the definitive version of the classic strategy game.

The gods will return. Heroes rise. Legends fight. Age of Mythology: Retelling is coming. Bringing the Definitive Edition treatment to the Age of Mythology, the game brings beautiful graphics, updated gameplay and more. Stay tuned“, It is said in the statement released by the company in social networks.

up to this point The new version of the classic strategy game is full of secrets. In a small trailer released by the company, it shows the interior of an ancient temple, war-torn plains, and an Egyptian structure located in the middle of the desert, before confirming that the game It will debut directly on PC Game Pass.

Age of Mythology combines strategy and supernatural elements

Created by Ensemble Studios, Age of Mythology was released for Windows and MacOS back in 2002. Borrowing elements from the Age of Empires series, the game featured a reduced focus on resource gathering while allowing players to Summon the gods to aid you on the battlefield.

in 2014, The game won the Extended Edition, which adapted its systems to modern hardware and brought some improvements to the game. Also, the latest edition of the game Open the doors to the expansion of the dragon’s talewhich brought the Chinese civilization and new magical creatures and strategic elements.

The expectation is thatge of Mythology Retold gets the same treatment as seen in titles like Age of Empire II: Definitive Edition, which led to many bug fixes and game additions. Also on Tuesday, Microsoft confirmed this The Age of Empires series is coming to the Xbox Series X|S 2023 and which should soon receive a new version for mobile platforms.

Age of Empires 4 will get two new civilizations to celebrate the series' 25th anniversary

Age of Empires 4 will get two new civilizations to celebrate the series’ 25th anniversary
The game will also debut a third season with new achievements, gameplay changes and more.


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