Age of Empires has been announced for mobile

Microsoft announced the news during the game’s anniversary show

A series of news for fans of the Age of Empires franchise Microsoft announced this Tuesday (25). on the 25th anniversary program of the game, The company announced that one of the blockbuster titles will soon be available for mobile.

Virtually no information about the mobile version of Age of Empires has been shared by Microsoft and World’s Edge Studio, the developer responsible for releasing the game. The only information was released by the official profile of the game on Twitter, which officially confirms the arrival of the mobile version..

Recently, for example, they teamed up with Tencent to launch a mobile version in China called Return to Empire.

“Experience the power of an empire in the palm of your hand and command your troops with the touch of a finger. Age of Empires is coming,” said the game’s official Twitter profile.

The game coming to mobile phones wasn’t considered by most fans, but it was something that had been on Microsoft’s radar for a long time. Recently, for example, they teamed up with Tencent to launch a mobile version in China called Return to Empire.

The game was very well received by the players in the region and it seems that this served their embryonic project to choose to launch the mobile version in the West as well. Now it remains to be seen when the launch will happen, apart from the devices where it will be available.

Microsoft confirms news for the console

Despite the surprise of gamers, this was not the only news announced by Microsoft for Age of Empires. The company also participated in the anniversary program of the game Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition Coming to Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X Confirmed. Additionally, Age of Empires IV is also confirmed for consoles.

The players were already waiting for this news. That’s because the website responsible for registering games in Europe, PEGI, registered the game hours before Microsoft officially announced the announcement. Thus, the redesigned version of the game will be presented on consoles, cloud and PC.

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition and IV confirmed for Xbox Series X|S
The two games will receive new command systems and interfaces adapted to tabletop consoles


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