Age of Empires 4 will get two new civilizations to celebrate the series’ 25th anniversary

The game will also debut a third season with new achievements, gameplay changes and more.

On October 25 of this year, the series Age of Empires celebrates 25th anniversary for Age of Empires 4 with never-before-seen content. On this date, the game will receive several changes, which include the arrival of two new civilizations, eight new types of maps and new biomes.

The update, which marks the debut of the strategy game’s third season, will be responsible Debut of Ottoman and Mali. Each civilization has unique visual and gameplay characteristics that will help create New types of strategies and large-scale battles.

in age of empire 4 The people of Mali use the ability to hide and move quickly as their main weapon. already The Ottomans are known for the power of their siege weapons And because of his ability to work in large formations, which is a big threat to players who prefer to take more defensive positions.

Age of Empires 4 promises other innovations in its festivities

The premiere of the third season of RTS should also be mentioned Adding new achievements and balance changes to your naval units. It will also debut the first ranked group matches, which should help players retain the freedom they find in casual encounters.

Although the developer did not go into detail about this issue, he said it earlier The date marks the debut of the provocative system. Age of Empires 4 can also win a The official cheat system for your single player matchesBringing back some features seen in previous games in the series.

Age of Empires 4 Released on October 28, 2021, it promises an experience that captures the essence of the series. Available now for PC on Steam, Microsoft Store and Game Pass, The game is characterized by constant evolution Which is mostly done through updates distributed for free.

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Have you changed a lot? Comparing Age of Empires IV on Low and Ultra
The game launches today (28) for PC via the Microsoft Store and Steam


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Source: PCGamesN, Relic Entertainment


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