After the update, users say that the number of cheats in Call of Duty: Warzone has increased

Popular streamer Dr Disrespect called the software a “massive PR scandal”.

Announced by Activision in December 2021, the RICOCHET anti-cheat system is in the works. In recent days, the Call of Duty community has been heavily criticized. by launching Warzone season 4known as “mercenaries of fateSeveral players have started claiming that the game is being ruined by the growing number of hackers.

Questions about the effectiveness of the security solution arise precisely from the fact that it, in theory, Must stop this. According to Activision, RICOCHET works at the system kernel levelYou can immediately determine if there is any software that changes the functionality of your games.

There is a Reddit thread dedicated to the game Lots of reports from players who have been affected by the cheat and requires the developer to do something about the situation. Among those criticizing the security solution is a popular streamer Dr. Respectwho ricocheted a A big scandal“Relations with society.

Cheats have auto-targets and other features

In response to the streamer’s post, several Warzone fans said It is common to deal with opponents who have perfect aim And get hit even when the gun is pointed in a random direction. Another recurring problem seems to be usability Illegal radarswhich condemn the position of other players and prevent ambushes.

– Continues after commercial –

In some cases, players say they feel it The number of cheats in the game has increased since RICOCHET came out. Part of the problem may be related to the fact that prior to the release of anti-cheat software, Their source codes were leaked online and fell into the hands of hackers.

This is claimed by Activision The fight against Call of Duty cheats is a constant battle And those who already hope that fraudsters will continue to create software that evades its protection. This is confirmed by the company continues to actively work on creating new solutions And that although many players don’t feel it, RICOCHET is getting faster and faster to find cheaters and punish them.


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