After the sale of Tomb Raider and Deus Ex, Square Enix announces plans to work on new properties

The company plans to open new studios in the medium and long term

When publishing his latest tax report – where Announced that he had a profit increase with the help of Final Fantasy XIV -, a Square Enix Said he intends to work on new intellectual qualities in addition to strengthening existing power. The announcement was made after the company signed the contract Hugs Which resulted in the sale of franchises such as Tomb robber And Computer game Deus Ex.

According to a Japanese company, Strengthening the franchise is part of its medium-term business plans. For this he is investing in the creation of new studios and is also already learning new ones Purchasing and merging opportunities Both to strengthen the business and to strengthen its position in the market.

In the report, Square Enix also reveals that it will determine a New Position at Chief Publishing House (CPO), Which will be occupied by an employee responsible for strengthening the company’s distribution initiatives. Also, he wants to Hurry up to make a business decision By forming a new integrated management team.

Square Enix bets on blockchain

Square Enix also defined it as a medium-term plan to create “new communities” that would give it a bigger lease on life. Dominate the blockchain-based experience segment. The company also noted that it is already working with the regulatory framework that defines the games in this space that it will make Experience with NFTs in different economic zones.

In this regard, the company also intends to create a new international entity that Create, manage and invest in owned tokens, As well as take care of your business with NFTs, blockchains and cryptocurrencies. Part of this investment will be made possible He made a $ 300 million deal with the Embracer GroupResulting in the studios being sold Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal And Square Enix Montreal.

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Square Enix boosts interest in NFTs and gaming consoles

Square Enix boosts interest in NFTs and gaming consoles
Yosuke Matsuda believes that technology can change the way a player produces content

Despite selling the studios, Square Enix still has several teams operating outside of JapanAs well as rights to series such as ᲪLife is strange And Just the reason. In the future, the company intends to step up its Japanese initiatives and produce games that will look country-friendly but also have a global commercial appeal.


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Source: Games Radar, Square Enix


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