After giving up Pamonharia and becoming unemployed, Goias invests in video games and succeeds as streamer of online games | Goias

Known in the gaming world as “Linker”, content creator Ireland and Silva Campos, 31, passed the exams before reaching thousands of followers on social media. Prior to investing in online games and surfing the internet, a resident of Annapolis, 55 km from Goi .n, was unemployed for months and even tried to own Pamonharia, but failed.

“I tried everything. I even opened Pamonharya, I was trying to sell myself, I was trying to find a job, and when I saw that it was not working, I decided to create a YouTube channel that I always wanted, but I was. “He is afraid he will not work,” he said.

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Linker graduated from the College of Computer Science in 2016-2017. However, the YouTube channel, which has reached 44.3 million views, with a total of 3900 videos already published, opened only in early 2018.

Before it went online as a streamer, Linker owned Pamonharia – Photo: Personal Archive / Irlando da Silva Campos

As soon as he graduated, Stripper bought Pamonharia in Annapolis, which had been operating for several months at the time, however, no investment was made and he gave up the place. The reason, he said, was the difficulty of finding Pamonha’s “masterpiece” – corn suppliers.

“I finished Pamonharia as soon as I finished my studies, but I did not take Pamonha’s” masterpiece “, it is corn. I had a hard time finding suppliers. “Then I quit Pamonharia and stayed in search of a job,” he said.

Linker, meanwhile, said he had been unemployed for about eight months and was only able to get two job interviews. Soon after, having always been skilled in virtual games, he decided to open a YouTube channel, unpretentiously, and do what he had always liked.

“I have always loved playing games since childhood and when I am in the field of computing, a friend gave me an idea and said: ‘It starts as a hobby and continues to do so. “If you start with expectations, it may not work and I did,” he said.

Linker’s channel focuses on games and football-related topics, more specifically FIFA, a series of sports video games published by Electronic Arts (EA). It currently has 159,000 subscribers who receive daily tips on how to behave well in games. When he reached the 100,000 mark, he got a Youtube board (See photo below).

Linker Wins Youtube Board After Reaching 100,000 Subscribers – Photo: Personal Archive / Irlando da Silva Campos

Considered by some to be “the best job in the world”, Linker plays with his livelihood on a daily basis.

“I work to play. I wake up every day, I play, I make videos for the channel, I give advice about games, how to buy good players, I help people who follow the channel,” he said.

While this may seem simple, he explains that there is a lot of work to be done as he usually publishes three videos a day. He also says he needs to be constantly connected and on top of the news of the FIFA world, except that it all has to be reconciled with family and girlfriend.

“It does not work because he [namorada] It also works a lot. He really does not like games, but understands. “We can go out, it’s just difficult to leave, but I plan to do that,” he said.

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