After buying Sony, Bung defends abortion and criticizes players

While many companies and brands struggle to maintain neutrality on contentious issues, there are those that aim to express their views and ideologies, which is not always well received by all users.

This week, Bungie received a rejection from the gambling community for its support for abortion rights. Instead of backtracking on this issue as many would do, the company decided to abandon negative feedback.

Earlier this week, Politico published a draft unanimous conclusion of the Supreme Court that overturned Roe v. Wade, like all precedents for granting access to abortion and many other protections not described in the Constitution. The next day, Bungie published a blog post calling the court ruling a “direct attack on human rights” and sharing links with organizations where donations can be made to support access to reproductive health.

The post shared on Twitter received over 70,000 likes and 4,500 comments. This is far more than Sony’s sales statement. As expected, many of the comments were negative and even offensive, but even so, the studio decided to respond clearly to a few comments.

“You are a video game company,” one user wrote on Twitter. “You are a toaster,” Bungi replied, referring to the commentator’s avatar.

Literally it is just unfortunate. You, as a video game company, are literally starting to pick a side when you should not even be involved in political nonsense. As a video game company, your focus should be on how to reach people with your games. Not in your views. Ა Do not do this. Serious.

In response, Bungi said the following:

We chose our side and it was not difficult. Our company values ​​exist beyond our games.

Many of the comments that Bungie responded to were deleted, but some screenshots were still shared on social media. Despite the negative reviews, part of the public welcomed the company’s decision and thanked them for their position.

I wonder how much this division between entertaining works and political subjects demands it, when, in fact, many of them are inspired by political themes and criticize real events, even through fictional narrative.

Do you think Bung fought right for your opinion?

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