After all, why is Lavender Town so scary?

when we think Scary game locations, one of the first names that comes to mind is Lavender Town. The famous city of ghosts pokemon red and blue It has become famous on the Internet for its tracks and atmosphere, which, interestingly, are significantly different from the rest of the game Game Freak.

Lavender Town is, yes, creepy in its own right. But the main reason the place became famous is the horror stories told about it – or the horror stories created on the Internet.

The report is known as the Lavender Town Syndrome and concerns the alleged prevalence of suicides and illnesses among Japanese children following the 1996 Red, Blue and Green outbreak.

Rumor has it that the incidents occurred after the children reached Lavender City, the game’s sixth city. In theory, the city theme in the green version, which was exclusive to Japan, contained frequencies that only children and adults can hear because they have more sensitive ears.

In this sense, strange and disturbing music will be responsible for misfortunes. creepypasta also claims that a man from Game Freak’s sound effects team known as Satou Harue made a pact with the Oni demon.

Played by: Game Freak/Pokémon Company

After the incidents and resulting hysteria, Game Freak recalled existing copies of Green and changed the theme to Lavender town so that no one else would be affected by the strange sound.

The report goes on to say that in 2010, “special software” was used to analyze the audio of the famous track. The show would create ghost images with the Unown series – which, oddly enough, only featured in the next generation of Pokemon.

Together, the stranger in the picture created the phrase: “Leave it now.”

Lavender Town creepypasta image from Pokemon

OK, let’s get down to the facts. Composer Junichi Masuda changed the Lavender Town theme several times, making it livelier for Pokémon Gold and Silver. However, the change probably has nothing to do with creepypasta.

In the second generation, the Pokémon Tower – the home of Ghost-type Pokémon – was torn down and replaced by the Kanto Radio Tower. Thus, what “darkened” Lanvender Town ceased to exist, justifying the music with a more cheerful tone.

Also, Satou Harue is almost non-existent, as there is apparently no record of anyone by that name ever working at Game Freak.

The truth is that the extremely calm and chilled music of Lavender Town has had some effect on the players.

ᲬᘡᘡᲗᲗᲗᗢ Ტᘢᘢ

The banner, along with the Dark Tower (a real Pokemon graveyard) and Cubbon’s sad story, are responsible for leaving a strong impression on players. Especially those who played in childhood.

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