After 16 years of work, fans will finally be able to complete a mod that restores content from the first Diablo

Hell 2 also promises new classes, an improved loot system and a variety of new missions.

After almost 17 years of work, The first Diablo fan group has finally released the comprehensive mod The Hell 2. In addition to restoring content from the base game and the Hellfire expansion, which was cut during development, the work improves the action RPG engine and optimizes it to run on current hardware.

The group responsible for the work also declares that The mod brings new content and unreleased features to the game, as well as bug fixes and bugs that were never addressed by Blizzard. Also added are new game modes, new game system and more cosmetic options.

Hell 2 also expands Diablo’s customization options, Improves multiplayer match support and adds new passive skill options. To top it off, it promises to add new adventure item options that will yield features that weren’t present in Blizzard’s original work.

Inferno 2 completely changes Diablo

All mods made by fans do this Diablo becomes a game completely different from the original version. While the original classes remain, they’ve changed their abilities and balance, joining the Barbarian and Bard as completely new options – and All six available classes can explore a total of 29 subclasses.

Those who decide to play The Hell 2 in multiplayer will also get some modern features such as a A loot system that works on instances and is different for each player. In addition, the mod also guarantees that Diablo supports resolutions up to 4K, multiple display modes, and frame rates capped at 10,000 FPS.

According to the team responsible for the project, it is a The evolution of the previous modification, which was released in the distant 2006. The launch does not mean that 16 years of work is coming to an end: the creators of TH Team claim that already Planning for The Hell 3 has begunBut be warned that it will still be a few years before we see the results of the initiative.

Blizzard has already started sending out invites for the new Diablo 4 Beta

Blizzard has already started sending out invites for the new Diablo 4 Beta
The testing phase will explore the game’s endgame and test its matchmaking and crossplay systems.


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Source: Games Radar, The H Team/Patreon


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