Activision’s tool for creating diversity in games is becoming controversial

Photo: ActivisionBlizzard

THE Activism Is still at the center of a major controversy. The company has introduced a development tool to increase the variety of characters in its games, the “Diversity Space Tool”. However, the company was surprised by the reaction of the gaming community and some of its developers, who criticized the diversity assessment method.

The tool uses a scoring system in attributes such as ethnicity, culture, gender identity, body type and sexual orientation, for example. The goal was to use the engine to assess the level of character diversity in the character creation process.

Many fans of Activision Games have complained that the tool ends up creating stereotypical characters, and that a more authentic way for the company to be more diverse is to start with more diverse staff, as this will consequently affect the games developed.

During the submission, developer representatives said that the tool was used in popular titles such as Overwatch and Call of Duty, but after negative feedback, the company says that it is not used in the development of any of the games.

The gaming industry is not very diverse and in recent years it is moving to change this picture. Activision itself last month named a new head of its diversity department. Kristen HinesWhich started the role on April 25, aims to increase the number of female and non-binary employees in the company by 50%.

The announcement of the new boss came after a game developer found himself at the center of controversy following allegations of a toxic work environment and allegations of ill-treatment of minorities within the company.

Another recent controversy is the fact that Activision fired an employee who condemned a series of harassment he suffered at the company building by colleagues and superiors. In addition to the complaint, there are allegations that CEO Bobby Cotick has been working for several years to close harassment cases.

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