Activision Blizzard made more profit from mobile than from PC and consoles combined, the report said

Thanks to recent success with new mobile titles, the company has surpassed the financial success it has had on other platforms.

A recent financial report sent to investors indicated that Activision Blizzard makes more profit from titles for mobile platforms than from consoles and PC combined.

From April to June 2022, more than half of the company’s revenue came from mobile games. This is an example of how the American giant can rely on its mobile titles to overcome the crisis and the loss of active players that it has had in recent months, as the same report says that Activision Blizzard has suffered from the withdrawal of players. Games, which lost more than 30 million active users to its other games.

But the success of games like Candy Crush and Farm Heroes, both owned by King, continue to generate huge profits and help define the company’s financial landscape.

Mobile is the future and the present

Thanks to the success of mobile games, more than $830 million has been earned directly from these titles. This is equal to 51% of the amount raised by the company. That’s even more impressive than the $376 million coming from consoles, $332 million from PC, and $105 million from sports events.

Still in detail, Candy Crush and Farm Heroes were responsible for more than $680 million. Both games far exceed the financial success achieved through Diablo Immortal and Call of Duty Mobile.

With so much controversy surrounding Activision Blizzard, in addition to games that failed to make the expected return, as was the case with Call of Duty: Vanguard, we see an interesting future for franchises that were once considered financial pillars of the American company.

This year we will again have the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, which will return with a remake surrounded by expectations, and this may help to change this situation in console and PC titles. High expectations (and disbelief) also come with the troubled Overwatch 2, which fans have been waiting for for a long time.

It remains to be seen whether these games will meet demand or whether King will continue to deliver the company’s top-grossing titles.

Warzone 2 and Warzone Mobile will be officially announced in September
The announcements will be made at Call of Duty Next, an event that showcases news from the military franchise


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