Activision Blizzard: If the acquisition fails, it could be devastating for PlayStation users

According to journalist Jez Corden, who analyzed the situation in an extensive article on Windows Central, the failure of Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard. can be destructive Not so much for the Redmond house, but PlayStation users themselves.

Corden begins his argument by explaining how things are getting harder for Microsoft because of the English antitrust, which seems to have married Sony’s claims without looking at real market data, a bit of incompetence, to appear a bit tougher, after years of easy acquisitions. then. Which created critical situations for the market, such as information monopoly in the hands of Google. He said the risk of the acquisition falling through was too high given the terms, but it wouldn’t be good news for Sony and PlayStation customers.

Of course, there will no longer be any risk of exclusivity for the Activision series, but Microsoft may decide to lose its economic power, read the money saved from non-acquisitions and take deals like Sony reached with many publishers. Removing games from Xbox platforms (Think of the recent Final Fantasy, just to give an example).


“After all, the company would have $70 billion to play with. Also, in this inflationary economic climate, you would have no reason to hold money (because it would quickly lose value). With the government, Microsoft can completely change tactics, with the full mandate of the regulatory authorities.”

“Microsoft can easily create a climate where PlayStation gamers miss out on more games Than they’d lose out on completing the Activision Blizzard acquisition and the antitrust authorities would do very little about it because it would just be a business between different companies.

Corden goes on to explain his point of view on the matter: “The message that regulators might end up with is:” Do business like Sony”Activision employees were told: “You don’t deserve better”.

Finally, about the objections expressed by the English antitrust organization to Microsoft: “But the most impressive thing is that the CMA wants to prevent consumers from getting better. Terms with Xbox Game PassYet that must be its entire raison d’être. . It’s like CMA is saying that PC and Xbox players want it Pay €80 for Call of Duty instead of €10. why this just Because the market leader does not want to compete.”

Thus, Corden concludes, if Microsoft is forced to compete on Sony’s model, PlayStation and Sony itself may regret it in the medium to long term. $70 billion will be at stake.


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