Action RPG Mistrogue is confirmed for PC and will be released in mid-2023

The game will feature randomly generated dungeons and an engaging combat system

THE Polyscape Inc. The first game was officially announced: Mystrog. The game’s development studio was founded in early 2022 and has been working on the main features of the title ever since.

Mystrog This is a game Fraudulent Strategy and action that combine elements such as auto-generated dungeons and starvation systems with skill and item management to create a build optimized for challenges – making over 500 a journey to find treasure and unravel the mysteries of a ruined kingdom. Years before the title.

When a player leaves a dungeonStats and the like will be overloaded – making it important to collect items that are stored Buffets permanent and will allow progression of power to explore greater challenges. The gameplay trailer, which can be seen below, also shows that the title will have an interesting combo system to accompany the adventure in challenges.

Developing with fans

Mystrog Created with players through forums Steam and no Disagreement Developer official. THE polyskype states that the game will be available in eight languages ​​at launch and for PC only, with no plans to make it to consoles.

Early access for the title will begin in the fall of 2023, with final release planned six months later – around the third or fourth quarter of 2023. According to the developer, he is testing the distribution of rare items so that even normal monsters can have a significant loss ability. Equipment for players’ journeys – encouraging all kinds of combat, not just the more powerful creatures.

Given the brief, Mystrog Sounds like an interesting title that could become an attractive approach Fraudulent – but for now, we can’t wait for its release in 2023.

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