Accused of ‘copying Genshin Impact’, The Legend of Neverland goes global ⋆

Last year, when the MMORPG The Legend of Neverland Officially released in Southeast Asia, many people identified the title as a “copy Genshin influence“. And yes, the game Game ark global Really reminds me of the game HoYoverse. However, this did not stop the players from enjoying the adventure. In fact, the initial success was enough to prompt a global release this week… check out this new feature?

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If you haven’t heard of The Legend of Neverland, it’s good to know that the game recently became available for Android and iOS devices and has a good series of elements that reflect the Genshin Impact phenomenon. However, the adventure also has some differences. For example, a game can be classified as an MMORPG, has a less busy and more strategic combat system, and has several features that allow you to perform actions automatically (which usually divides opinion). Anyway, since this is a free-to-play option, I think it’s only fair that you give it a “test drive” to draw your own conclusions about the game.

It is also worth noting that despite having a “Genshin Impact style”, the game is very light and can be successful precisely because it does not require the use of a “bigger” mobile phone. In addition, there are many activities that can occupy your attention for a long time. Anyway, The Legend of Neverland is now available to download via this Google Play Store and Application store And its set of attractions is good enough to deserve the attention of some types of players. So it’s worth a look.

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