Accounts use Twitter’s new hack to impersonate gaming brands

It took the last days Confusion on Twitter🇧🇷 New Management of Elon Musk It became possible to obtain a “verified” seal Pay an $8 monthly subscription – and some accounts have used this feature to impersonate game brands such as Nintendo🇧🇷 rock star and more.

The most famous case happened with a Switch owner. Using the ring, a verified account called “Nintendo of America” ​​confused gamers by posting a picture of Mario showing his middle finger. The tweet went viral and the account was subsequently suspended.

Play: Twitter

Playing with the hearts of fans, a user used a fake Rockstar account to deceive the public and spread the fake news that GTA 6 will be revealed next week.

Depicted and fake Rockstar Twitter account

Play: Twitter

Another victim of the wave of verified fakes was Valve, whose name was used to falsely advertise a “new competitive platform” called “Richocet: Neon Prime.”

An image of a fake Valve Twitter account

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Users also used the new verifier to impersonate Twitch and publicize the community’s widely-requested changes to the registration model.

Due to the confusion, Elon Musk’s team introduced a new “Official” tag that surprised some users last Wednesday (9). However, after the tag went viral, the tag was removed without any explanation, causing even more disruption.

ᲬᘡᘡᲗᲗᲗᲗᗢ Ტᘢᘢ

The “official” identifier was reactivated this Friday morning (11), but has since been disabled – indicating that Twitter’s new management still does not have a positive solution for the new account verification format.

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