According to research, video game players have increased brain activity

Published 7/12/2022 18:40 / Updated 7/12/2022 18:46

Volunteers who frequently played video games were more confident and responded faster – (Credit: Reproduction/Pixabay – DCStudio)

Those who frequently played video games had more developed sensory brain abilities than those who did not. This was stated by a study conducted by the university State of Georgiain the United States, which looked at key brain regions.

In the tests, volunteers were placed in a functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI) machine with a mirror that allowed them to see a sign immediately followed by a display of moving dots.

Afterwards, participants had to press a button on their left or right hand to indicate the direction in which the dots were moving, or not to press any of them if there was no directional movement.

Those who frequently played video games were more confident and faster in their responses, and according to the researchers, this was directly related to increased activity in certain parts of the brain.

“These results indicate that playing video games potentially improves the sub-processes of sensation, perception, and action comparison to improve decision-making skills,” write authors Mukesh Damala and Tim Jordan. “These findings help us understand how video games change the brain to improve task performance and its potential implications for increasing task-specific activity.”

In addition, there was no trade-off between speed and accuracy in responses. Those who play video games were better in both cases.

There were a total of 47 college-aged participants, 28 classified as regular video game players and 19 as non-players, and the results were published in the journal. Neuroimaging: reports.


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