Abyssal Archive is a must for Dark Souls fans

The collection thoroughly explains the story of the first game in the franchise

Hidetaka Miyazaki’s works have always generated content that continues over time, becoming discussions in forums, videos on the Internet, and books. As for the last point, Dark Souls fans, You should all check out the Abyssal Archive booksBy Irish publisher Tune and Fair Weather, Which are basically encyclopedias based on the first Dark Souls.

There are three editions available that are already on pre-order. A basic one that comes with books and a map in a simpler box is worth it €180.00. per 249 euros You will receive a limited edition that comes with a more detailed box and bookmark. The benefactor edition is basically a limited edition, but his name is written on the back of the book, for trivia. 495 euros.

Work with attention to detail

Abyssal Archive consists of two hardcover books that together collect 528 pages and a beautiful map of Lordran, the world of Dark Souls, in the artistic style that FromSoftware brought to the Elden Ring map, the developer’s first game that has something. type. The video below shows the creation of the Lorraine map.

The books tell the story of Dark Souls, containing a lot of information with illustrations of moments that we don’t see in the game, but know are part of the story because they are presented in between some of our dialogue. present and also with descriptions of things. .

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Elden Ring is already among the top 10 games in the US market

According to the product description on the official page, this is not an officially licensed work from FromSoftware, like several others for sale. But they guarantee that this collection is the most comprehensive fan review ever made.

We wanted to pay homage to Miyazaki’s legendary game by creating something that embodies the same care and detail that makes Dark Souls such an unparalleled masterpiece.

There’s no specific release date, but the website says it’s slated for early 2023. Those who purchase during the pre-sale period, which runs until August 14, will also receive a digital edition in PDF format. Special editions will be available only during the pre-order period.


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Via: Kotaku Source: Tune & Fairweather


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