Aaron Dwarf continues to suffer losses with two Homers

Ramon Urias beat Homer, who lost to Gerrit Cole in the sixth innings, and the Baltimore Orioles withstood Aaron Judge’s home run and defeated the Yankees, 6-4, on Monday night, bringing New York a third straight loss.

“I thought we beat the bats very well,” said Baltimore manager Brandon Hyde. “Gerrit Cole has wonderful things. He is an ace. He is an ace for some reason and that I could hit the board a few times against him, I’m proud of our strikers.

Urias started Baltimore’s four-mile run with a double shot from the third on the left-field line, then arranged a 4-all tie with a 0-1 quick ball on a short veranda on the right-hand corner against Cole (4-1).

The Yankees, who started the day with the best record in the major, are heading into a losing streak in the first three games after seven consecutive losses last September. Before winning the two-legged match against the White Sox on Sunday and losing to the Orioles for the second time in a row, the Yankees won 24-29.

“Yesterday was a tough two-legged game against a good team and we could not do anything about it. Tonight we got an attack earlier and we are playing against the Orioles team who lifted a few mileages, got some big hits with the boys at the base,” the referee said.

The Dwarfs have increased their Premier League leaders home run to 17, five ahead of Houston slagger Jordan Alvarez and Angels star Mike Trout. The umpire made his 31st and 32nd career home runs against Baltimore Pitching when he tied Jordan Lyles in the first and fifth games (3-4).

It was the 20th multi-home game in Jaji’s career, the fourth this season and the seventh in his career against the Orioles.

The referee has scored 20 multi-home games in his 612th career game. Only Hall of Fame Ralph Keener was at this point in his career when he had 24 multi-home games against the Pittsburgh Pirates in his first 612 games.

“It’s really special,” said manager Aaron Bunn. “Sometimes I take it for granted, but not now. He’s a really special player and obviously really does attack us.

The referee kicked Solo Homer on six pitches and sent a 1-1 offer to Baltimore Bulpen in the center left. He then struck in the fifth with a connecting, two-run homer, two innings after Cole allowed four runs.

Cole entered the game 1.67 times in the previous five runs and allowed the worst five runs of the season and seven shots in eight innings. He scored 11 goals in the 49th double-digit game of his career.

“It’s just an unusual night,” Cole said. “I think Inning is just a little difficult to swallow.”

Cole also did not walk a single foot, making it the 20th double-digit game of his career without a walk, the second-largest since 2014.

“It was a strange night with Gerrit tonight,” Bunn said. “He was really dominant for the most part.”

Liles survived and became Baltimore’s latest pitcher, who was deeply immersed in the jury and allowed four mileages and five shots in the 6 ⅔ inning. Felix Bautista followed Lailes to a season-high 117 pitches and defeated Giancarlo Stanton by 2 after walking the dwarf.

It was the most pitch for Baltimore beginners since Dylan Bundy threw 119 on May 17, 2019 against Cleveland.

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