A Warcraft player reaches level 80 in just 9 hours

Of course, the goal of every RPG player is for their character to achieve rapid development so that they can progress through the most exciting challenges that the game has to offer.

In this way, some players use different tactics to get the fastest experience, such as doing campaigns that award the highest number of levels based on their completion.

Thus, by gaining new skills and equipment, it is normal for the game to become even more challenging and interesting. Something that a number of players want, including the one responsible for reaching level 80 just hours into the launch of World of Warcraft’s latest expansion.

The MMORPG game launched a new expansion that refers to the classic of the game itself, with the release of “Wrath of the Lich King Classic”, players have already started to go through this campaign in search of challenges and follow the story offered by the new one. expansion.

However, something amazing happened, one player managed to progress through all the levels in just a few things, attracting a lot of attention from those around him.

How he reached that mark certainly has to do with his gameplay and knack for gaining experience throughout the mission. The intriguing question is the time, after all, a mere nine hours to achieve this progress is a respectable performance.

According to PCGamer’s analysis, the player’s fast progression method was used through a scheme that allows you to collect a lot of experience by defeating villains and enemies.

Thus, when defeating an opponent that gives him “X” number of experience, he will get that value multiplied, thus gaining more levels each time he completes the same challenge.

Play time certainly had a big impact on this, as in just nine hours it reached an incredible point within the game that many players will struggle to reach, and there will certainly still be those who won’t be able to get it anytime soon.

A new expansion recently arrived for the MMORPG in the last week, “Wrath o the Lich King Classic” is a recreation of the previous expansion of the same name, now repackaged in World of Warcraft for its players to adventure through the story. And once again the scenarios. There’s no doubt that to put in so much effort, this player must be a huge fan of not only the game, but the expansion as well.

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