A VR headset designed by the co-founder of Oculos could kill a gamer

Losing a character in a game like CareerFor example, there is something frustrating and can have a sentimental effect on the player. Now, have you ever imagined losing your life during a video game match? As sadistic as this idea is, Oculus co-founder Palmer Lackey not only thought of it, but actually built something capable of it.

In a post on his personal blog, Luke talks about his unique VR headset. Three explosive charges were placed in the device.which are located at the height of the player’s forehead and can easily explode the skull after the “game over” screen.

Of course, the atmosphere of real-life risk during a video game match will remind many of the franchise Sword Art Online (Area), about what Kirito and company have to be extremely careful about their actions in SAO because they are strapped into their NerveGear headsets, which have a microwave generator that can punish them for any misdeeds in the real-life game.

anime Sword Art Online This was actually a clue to Luckey in creating his death gear. He says that he was asked several times: “Look Sword Art Online? When are you going to make NerveGear real?!” Now, let’s assume he can answer that question with a resounding yes! The bad news is, so far, I’ve only discovered the half that kills you. The perfect VR half of the equation is still years away,” – Luke writes.

Before anyone goes hunting for “VR Mortal” on e-commerce sites, fortunately (or unfortunately), for now the device is “just a piece of office art, A sobering reminder of the unexplored paths in game design“, warns Lucy.


The more real the better?

Immersion has been one of the most studied points in the electronic gaming market. For example, Sony brought to the PS5 the innovation of DualSense, a control that through its vibration system more faithfully simulates the trigger or even the feeling of rain on a character – something very well presented of return.

However, the idea that this technology can physically punish players within a match is something black mirror a lot. By the way, for fans of this topic, the second episode of the third season of the series “Playtest” available on the Netflix platform is indicated.

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