A trip to the open west coast of the Metz with a split series with the Dodgers

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – The weekend did not go as planned for the Mets to open an 11-day 10-game tour of Southern California, but the rules of their relationship became pretty clear: leave the hotel doors open, the TV on. And make sure Pete Alonso continues to swing.

After the Los Angeles Dodgers recorded their first two games in a four-game squad, the Mets returned on Saturday and Sunday with a storm to split. They swam the Dodgers’ two best starting pitchers, ambushing Walker Buhler and beating Julio Urias. Even though they were still without the best starters, the Mets still headed for the next stop of the trip, in San Diego, the National League Best Record 37-19.

“The last man is standing, I think. I do not know, “said Metz manager Buck Schwalter before adding the Dodgers.” They are a really good team. I’m really proud of our guys fighting these last two days. ”

Third baseman Eduardo Escobar, whose 10-pitch battle with Brussard Gratterol resulted in his eighth sacrifice in a 5-4, 10-inch thriller on Sunday, said the four games “looked like a playoff atmosphere.” Appointed striker Jay Davis, who doubled his lead at home in the 10th, said the weekend shows “We’re as good as they are.”

Growing evidence indicates that he is right.

With the team’s aces, Jacob de Grom (stress response, right arm) and Max Scherzer (tilted), recovering at home, the Mets avoided another fatal injury when Francisco Lindor checked the all-star shortstop of the team. Upon arriving in Los Angeles, Matthews entered his hotel room and immediately slammed his right middle finger into the door. He sustained a fracture to his fingertip, sat down for the series open Thursday evening and felt lucky to be back in the lineup the next day.

The pain was so intense in that moment, Lindor said, that he ran around his room for a few minutes in the hope that he would calm down. He was thankful that the nail remained intact and the door no longer held his finger.

“I feel like it was somewhere higher, it would be surgery or something,” he said.

In his absence on Thursday, the Mets lost 2-0, then lost 6-1, returning on Friday night. Both Lindor and Shawlter said they knew exactly what was going on that night: Mookie Bates opened the bottom of the first innings to Lindor, whose shooting was immediately tested.

“I’ve not expected so many balls in years,” Lindor said with a sparkling – and relaxed – smile. “I knew he would come to me first.”

Returning to the team’s hotel, Lindor said the scene remained intact, indicating that a dangerous door ran through his balcony.

“The door was open again,” he said, smiling again. “I do not touch this door. I will cope with the sun. “

Hands turned out to be the main theme of the weekend. During the series, it was revealed that one of Scherzer’s dogs, Rafi, had bitten the owner’s hand.

Scherzer said he missed one day of the shooting, assured everyone on Twitter that everything would be fine, and said: “This is literally not a story.” Given his $ 43 million salary and how much the team will rely on him when the calendar turns to October, Scherzer may forgive the Mettles and their fans’ concerns.

In the absence of Scherzer and Degrom, who held 19 pitch sessions in New York on Saturday, other starters such as David Peterson and Trevor Williams are getting stronger. The Mets are now winning 6-0 at Peterson’s start this season, despite his unusual exit in the Mookie Betsy fourth innings on Saturday.

Peterson limited the Dodgers to one mileage with three and two-thirds innings, and faced Bets with one and two outs, while Metz led 5-4. Bets spoiled the first pitch he saw for breaking the left field line. Showalter immediately appeared and called for a relief from Colin Holderman, who immediately released Betsy with a called-up third shot to execute the threat.

Showalter deftly maneuvered the Pitch throughout the weekend, as he often did this year, Alonso was able to catch up on Saturday. He destroyed a two-stage homer in the third, and then a seventh-degree drill blast on a field fence in the center right. His five RBIs gave him a 9-4 win in 53,55 games.

Informed that his second Homer Saturday took him to 10th place in the Mets All-Time Rally at 122nd place on the list, Alonso said: “It’s sick. I did not know that. I just want to continue. “

“She’s sexy. Her nitro zone is down in the zone and all the damage she’s done to us is gone,” Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said, expressing frustration with some of his pitchers. “If it touches it at 100 miles per hour, it’s pretty dangerous. So when you do not do it, you are really going to pay.”

Sunday still came back during the one-day game, allowing their fans – including one in particular – to relax well during the work week.

“The smarts on this team are awesome,” Stephen A. said. Cohen, the owner of the team, who was in Los Angeles for the series on Friday afternoon. “Just watching their return, how much fun is that?” You will never go out. The real problem is that I can not turn off the TV. I have to get up and watch. Earlier you could turn off the TV and say, ah, you are not going to go back. You should leave the TV now.

And, of course, you have to leave the doors open.

“Avoid the doors,” Lindor said. “Please refrain, I’m telling you.”

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