A standalone success, Vampire Survivors finally gets the final boss

The game already has over 100,000 positive reviews before its official release.

Reasonably released in late 2021, Vampire Survivors Gradually became one of the biggest phenomena on Steam in 2022. still in early access, The action game already collects more than 100 thousand positive reviews on the platform and, as it nears its launch, Finally got the final boss.

Opponent added Update 0.8.0, was officially released by the developers last Thursday (7). He also brought a A simplified version of Phase 5 (which will be changed in the final release), a New Arcana and updated the game’s roadmap with new mechanics.

As a developing project, Vampire Survivors also gets graphical updates, new visual indicators for skins, and automatic item collection options. and various bug fixes. Ponkle Studio claims to have already completed the implementation of key elements of the title, such as its own 24 playable characters and 20 powersBut still has work to do.

The boss appears in the Cappella Magna level

To meet the boss of the vampire survivors, The player will have to survive different waves of enemies for at least 30 minutes. When it happens in phase Chapel MagnaOpponents of the map join the great Reaper, who presents the ultimate challenge.

After the players return the level to a more accessible format, which is also quite difficult and Open the Great Gospel Relic, which allows you to upgrade weapons beyond their maximum level. According to the developers, in addition to the balance adjustment, The game should still get a new level, 2 new weapons and 5 arcana before the official release.

– Continues after commercial –

Vampire Survivors are also promised Expand your list of achievementswhich is currently 123. So far The game is exclusive to PCwhich can be purchased for R$5.99 in its Steam version or Awarded as part of the Game Pass serviceBoth in their version final rather than specially designed for the computer.


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Source: Kotaku, poncle


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