A remake of Silent Hill 2 has been announced

The game will be available for PlayStation 5 and PC

After years of rumors and leaks, horror game fans and enthusiasts have finally been treated to a new Silent Hill game. This Wednesday (19), Konami officially announced Silent Hill 2. The game is a remake of the classic title originally released for the PlayStation 2.

The new Silent Hill game was in the hands of Bloober Team. The developer is responsible for launching other titles such as Blair Witch, Layers of Fear and The Medium. The film will also feature two well-known names in the project, namely art director Masahiro Ito and composer Akira Yamaoka.

A recreation of the classic is coming to PlayStation 5 and PC. However, for the first 12 months after release, the title will only be available for Sony consoles. Unfortunately, no release date has been confirmed.

“With that in mind, one of our main goals is to maintain the atmosphere that made Silent Hill 2 so special, while modernizing many aspects of the game’s overall gameplay. We are working closely with the original creators, including Akira Yamaoka and Masahiro Ito, to ensure that Silent Hill A unique feel intact,” said Sony.

The news confirmed

Among the innovations confirmed by the company in Silent Hill 2 is the use of a camera on the character’s shoulder. The company hasn’t revealed how it will work, but the expectation is that it will be similar to the style found in Resident Evil. The goal, Sony says, is to make the experience more immersive.

Due to the change in camera position, Silent Hill 2 Remake will arrive with a completely new combat system, in addition to changes in some scenarios. In this way, players will be able to see almost everything that James can see during the adventure.

“Twenty-one years have passed since the release of Silent Hill 2 for PlayStation 2, and a huge technological leap allows us to get closer, at least in some aspects, to how Team Silent wanted to play in 2001.” Thanks to the sessions. Thanks to state-of-the-art motion capture, we’re able to deliver some of the best facial expressions in the show’s history and show a wide range of emotions before a character says a single word.”

Powered by Unreal Engine 5

If older fans of the series are used to the graphics they knew on the PlayStation 2, Konami’s updated version of the title is powered by Unreal Engine 5. The information was shared on Sony’s official blog, where they emphasized that visual aspects, touch and audio.

The title will feature two new features called Lumen and Nanite. The first of these is a dynamic lighting solution that reacts to scene and light changes. Meanwhile, the other is a tool where artists can create more detailed worlds and more realistic environments.

“Some of the features of Unreal Engine 5 that really stand out are Lumen and Nanite. With them, we reach new levels of graphics, highly detailed and realistic, while raising the tense atmosphere of the game,” emphasized Sony.

Pyramid Head creator Masahiro Ito may be returning to the Silent Hill series

Pyramid Head creator Masahiro Ito may be returning to the Silent Hill series
Several messages posted by the artist indicate that it is related to Konami’s planned presentation on October 19th.


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