A remake of Resident Evil 4 will also be coming to PlayStation 4, Capcom has confirmed

However, Xbox One fans won’t be getting the game

Officially announced in June this year for new generation platforms, PlayStation 4 owners can also play Resident Evil 4 remake. Capcom made the announcement during its participation in Tokyo Game Show 2022, which also brought news. Monster Hunter Rise and Street Fighter 6.

without showing the console version screen, The developer confirmed that it was working on bringing the game to the generation that debuted in 2013.. However, this should only mean the Sony platform as There are no indications that the Xbox One will also receive a remake.

The situation is similar to that of Street Fighter 6, which, although confirmed for the Xbox Series X|S, It won’t work on older Xbox consoles. The reasons for the exclusion have not been explained by Capcom, but they may be relevant Exclusivity Agreements Regarding Hardware Limitations Or the Xbox One’s lack of popularity in Japan.

Resident Evil 4 should get more news in October

According to producer Yoshiki Hirabayashi, The development of the remake is well underway and there are no predictions that Capcom will be able to delay its release. So far, Resident Evil 4 is slated to hit stores March 24 2023, with confirmed versions PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and Pracha.

Despite being at the Tokyo Game Show, the game hasn’t received much new content, be it images or promotional trailers. Capcom seems to be saving more important news for a The show of the series, which is still unknown, should take place in October.

In addition to showing the remake of Resident Evil 4, the company should use the opportunity to show other news in the series – which, this week, Several episodes have been confirmed for the Nintendo Switch In their versions running in the cloud. During TGS 2022, fans of the series were able to check out Resident Evil Village DLC newswhich includes moments of third-person gameplay and features characters such as Dimitrescu and Heisenberg in their Expendables mode.

Netflix's Resident Evil Canceled;  The series will not have a second season

Netflix’s Resident Evil Canceled; The series will not have a second season
The Resident Evil series had low ratings and was widely rejected by the public


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