A re-release of The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall is free on GOG

Fan Work will update the RPG for a new generation of fans

Originally released by Bethesda in 1996. The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall Remains a simple game, but not necessarily a game to play. Think about it, A group of fans developed Daggerfall UnityA version that depicts the game in a more modern engine, which aims to introduce it to a new generation of fans.

Already known in the gaming community, Title included in the GOG catalog for free this Wednesday (15) – Click here to download. According to the team in charge of the project, the specific version of the store aims to make it more accessible and easy.

You just need to download the game and just run it.“, Says the official description of Daggerfall Unity on GOG. A version is also available in the store Implements fashion filters by the publicWhich provides improved visuals and gameplay closer to the latest parts of the series.

Game development continues

While Daggerfall Unity already allows you to enjoy Bethesda classics from start to finish, Not all aspects of it are complete. The team in charge of the project says that it is still in active development and some technical problems may occur – do not be too disappointed, The developers recommend the constant use of fast savingsWhich can be created using the F9 key.

Arranged a version of the game available on GOG GamerZakh, A content creator specializing in The Elder Scrolls series. Already An updated version of Daggerfall was started more than ten years ago by Gavin “Intercar” Clayton.Which aims to facilitate access to the open world experience of the game.

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In RPG, The player takes on the role of champion sent to Dagerfool to bring peace to the local king’s soul., Who was killed during a power struggle. The game is characterized by great freedom of search and the introduction of a system in which each decision can completely change the course of adventures.


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