A portion of the GTA 5 code is available on GitHub

The documents reveal details about the hacked content and the anti-virus used by the game

At the end of September, the Take-Two Interactive servers were hacked, which led to the leak of GTA 6 information. Continues to give developers headaches🇧🇷 Stolen by the same hacker who leaked the new game in the series, part Free distribution of GTA V source codes has begun On platforms like GitHub.

According to the DSOGaming website, the leaked files bring Details on script functions and a few modes that have been cut During the development of GTA Online. However, the most disturbing aspect of the codes is that, in light of the developer’s comments, they introduce Details on how the game Antibird works🇧🇷

Although illegally distributed content has no practical use at this time, It can be used as a basis for creating Rockstar game hacking tools🇧🇷 For example, by accessing anti-cheat system codes, fraudsters can create more effective methods to bypass developer-designed security.

GTA 6 was not affected by the leak

GTA 5 source code distribution on GitHub Should include a warning from the Take-Two Interactive security teams, who must act quickly to remove them from the Internet. While the content should disappear from the platform soon, the expectation is that it will continue to be available through other means indefinitely.

Although the September hack affected the morale of the Rockstar Games teams and reduced the value of the company’s shares, Take-Two insists that it had little impact on the development of the new game in the series. Based on this, The team in charge of the project knew very well how to deal with the situationwhich should not cause any delay.

Although Grand Theft Auto 6 was confirmed to be in development a few months ago, So far the game is still going without any confirmed platforms or release predictions🇧🇷 Based on Rockstar’s history, any details in this regard should only be revealed before the game hits stores – and that won’t stop it from delaying the game if it deems necessary.

Meet the alleged hacker who leaked GTA 6

Meet the alleged hacker who leaked GTA 6
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