A player uses a flute to kill an opponent in Call of Duty: Warzone

The content creator managed to knock down the opponent with one shot using the recorder

One of the most successful games today, Call of Duty: Warzone is far from an easy game. Although it has mechanics from the already famous Battle Royale games, it requires a lot of speed in movements to achieve victories in grueling matches. However, one player decided to break out of the mold and took a completely different route to defeat his opponents.

A streamer and YouTuber known as DeanoBeano used a flute to defeat an opponent while playing. By programming each sound of a musical instrument to create a movement, he was able to defeat his opponent with a single sniper shot in a completely different way than he was used to.

When locating an opponent on the map, he needed a bit of patience to get the opponent in a perfect line of sight to strike. Concerned about the players around him, the victim forgot to look at the high point on the map where the YouTuber was concentrated. He fired one fatal shot while letting go of his opponent.

The video was posted last month and already has more than 57,000 views. With some positive notes and comments, players pointed out how serious the content creator was when trying to get a hold of the opponent.: “How the hell did he not laugh and screw up?” reads one of the most liked comments on the video.

Other different ways to play

While this feat is quite impressive, mainly because it’s a very fast-paced multiplayer game, it’s not the only content creator that has used exotic ways to play online and gain attention. a little while ago, The dance mat was a controller that the player used to defeat bosses in the Elden Ring..

From Software’s game is also known for being very difficult and requires fast movements from the players. However, content creator Miss Mikkaa used a dance mat to defeat enemies. He proceeded to defeat five villains in the game, each requiring 30-50 chances to succeed.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will temporarily disable your ping system

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will temporarily disable your ping system
The feature can be used to detect enemies through walls


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