A player spends $100,000 on Diablo Immortal and crashes the game’s competition

Investments have made the character so powerful that he can’t find PvP matches

Although Blizzard claims that Diablo Immortal can be played from start to finish without the need to purchase microtransactions, they make a big difference to the game – For good and bad. After spending approx. 100 thousand dollars per gameContent creator jtisallbusiness said it created his character Break the matchmaking system.

According to him, the result of the investment was so strong that he You can no longer match levels with other people. Thus, the advantages it would have had in modes like PvP ended up not being used, as there is no way to get into an active game at the moment.

In a video posted on YouTube, The content creator explains that he will consider the request for a refund of the invested money – Something that, if granted, will basically invalidate your Diablo Immortal account. He claims to have been in direct contact with Blizzard, who promised to look into the matter, but have yet to come up with a solution.

Overspending can be a problem

I can’t do what I spent money on this character and I don’t have a timeline for when things will be fixed or even know if it will be fixed because I’m the only player in the entire world with this issue.“, said jtisallbusiness.

Content creator is not the only Diablo Immortal player who has invested large sums of money in the game. Streamer in June of this year Quin69 Claiming that he spent $15,000 on microtransactions before receiving a single 5-star legendary gem, he soon deleted the game and his account in protest.

Diablo Immortal surpassed $100 million in sales 8 weeks after its release
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Despite the large investments of jtisallbusiness, the evaluations bear this out The creator is still far from being able to maximize his character. Community calculations show that due to the game’s random systems, this is a task that could cost up to $500,000.


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