A player reveals Counter Strike: Source 2 video in an open source project created by fans

The possibility of a new graphics engine coming to Counter-Strike has been speculated for months

One of the top Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) insiders, Game Follower, revealed a community-modified version of the game with Source 2 last week. Valve’s FPS community over the years.

In a more than seven-minute video, he revealed all the details of the project, which took about six months to complete. The build questions Valve’s delay in releasing Counter-Strike on a more modern graphics engine.

By putting several players together in real matches, it shows some of the differences that the game would have if it used Source 2 as a graphics engine. However, he emphasized that he did not make any changes to the graphics or other details, which is why the work was focused only on portability.

“Counter-Strike: Source 2, first gameplay revealed. We were able to port CS:GO to Source 2 in just six months. Before Valve. Here are the best gameplay clips from our latest playtest,” Gabe Follower revealed on social media. social.

According to him, the modified version of Counter-Strike will be available to the public. It will soon be available for all players to download via the GitHub platform. However, there is no date for this yet.

There are many rumours, but no confirmation

In recent months, the possibility of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive starting to use Source 2 as a graphics engine has become an increasingly frequent buzz among gamers.

Just days after unveiling the game’s new graphics engine, an insider has revealed that Counter-Strike will not be receiving this major update this month. The expectation is that Valve was on a major update that could bring Source 2 into the game.

Despite this, Gabe revealed that big news is in the works from the developers. According to him, Valve has already agreed to add new maps to the game, in addition to raising the possibility that the new operation will appear in future updates to Counter-Strike.


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