A new trans character has been revealed in Apex Legends

Another has been submitted Trans woman As the latest character in the game “Apex Legends”. Newcomer Catalyst is a terraformer and defensive caster who already joins other non-binary characters that have been in the game since its release.

Respawn Entertainment has announced the introduction of this new character to the game, saying that he will soon join other Legends in the game’s next major update, “Eclipse,” which is scheduled for next month in November.

According to Polygon, Catalyst is trans and one of the few LGBQTQIAP+ characters in Apex Legends. He is considered a technologically adept terraformer, able to create some tactical advantages using ferrofluid, a substance he stole.

According to Respawn Entertainment, Catalyst is the code name of Tressa Smith, who began gender transitioning long before her story began. Indeed, the development team said that the catalyst is trance; because of this, Trailer Definitely indicates a transition of characters.

He was part of a clan of friends fighting to protect Cleo, Boreas’ moon, from corporations trying to mine the moon and make a profit off of it. Indeed, Cleo’s Broken Moon appears to be acting as a new map for “Apex Legends,” which will be released next month as well.

Respawn and EA, who have recently shut down several game titles, are promising more details on everything that’s happening as we get closer to the official release of the next major update.

In this we emphasize that the internet is a somewhat confusing place as there is still a lot of uncertainty about the issue, but the development team is trying to remove all kinds of uncertainty from the equation.

This is something quite interesting on Respawn Entertainment’s part, as most of the industry has actually used some specific color palettes and visual storytelling to be able to hint at a character’s traits and personality, but never paint the whole picture.

It is likely that EA agreed to this after several controversies surrounding Pride Month and the Rainbow-wahing brand, which managed to put the company in the spotlight of several activists and civil rights groups.

After all kinds of backlash, EA has actually managed to introduce a “spectrum of sexuality” into its games, from the category “Apex Legends” to its most famous life simulation game “The Sims”, in which it is featured. It is possible to determine the characteristics of the character, his personal expressions and several other resources.

As it currently stands, the game has more than a dozen non-traditional characters. They have been very well received by both LGBTQIAP+ and traditional segments of society. Gamer.

Finally, a new update called “Apex Legends: Eclipse” will be released on November 1 on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X/S, and PC.

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