A new survival game developed by Blizzard called Odyssey will not be a “typical MMO” ⋆

earlier this year, Snowstorm surprised his fan base by revealing that he was working on a survival game in a whole new world. Since that first announcement, the company hasn’t released many details, but some “web investigators” have had access to some internal documents that have revealed new details about what’s to come… check the info?

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It was published through a publication with the help of reddit that new information regarding Blizzard’s survival game has reached the people of the Internet. According to reports, the game is being played internally odyssey And its visual style has been compared to the game forever wild (announced rare, but no release date has been set). In addition, it looks like the adventure will have a very fantasy feel and shouldn’t feel like a typical MMO. In fact, in terms of gameplay, the document indicates that the mechanics and ideas are taking a step back ARK: Survival EvolvedBut there will be very interesting oddities.

For example, it looks like alchemy will be an important aspect of the adventure, and elements of the steampunk aesthetic will create a distinctive atmosphere. Obviously, this information has not yet been confirmed by Blizzard, but several members of the specialized media, including celebrities Jason Schreier, confirmed that they also had access to information that corroborates what was revealed in the document. Therefore, we can say that Blizzard’s survival game will have some interesting elements and should attract attention with its attractive appearance and unique mechanics. In any case, since we haven’t mentioned Windows or release dates, all we can do is wait for more information and hope that the first tests start as soon as possible.

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